Thursday, December 15, 2016

Wading Lab - guide to starting out fly tying.

Getting into fly tying is as simple as you make it. You can decide it’s for you, try it out and not like it, or you can decide it’s for you, try it out and then it becomes an obsession. I think it’s fair to say for many of us, the latter scenario is applicable and we ‘tie flies to save money’ – at least that’s what we tell ourselves.

But, the ‘trying it out’ phase can be daunting on where to start, particularly for beginners or the parent of kids who want to start tying flies - what to buy, should I take a class or not etc. etc. etc. I believe the camp is split right about 50/50 on buying a kit vs. buying individual materials, and there are pros and cons for both. Same goes for vise recommendation, tools and so on.
Luckily, Sara Golden over at Wading Lab has put together a little walk though that’s definitely worth a read.
While you’re over there, give Sara a follow and check out her Facebook page as well.