Thursday, December 15, 2016

Wading Lab - guide to starting out fly tying.

Getting into fly tying is as simple as you make it. You can decide it’s for you, try it out and not like it, or you can decide it’s for you, try it out and then it becomes an obsession. I think it’s fair to say for many of us, the latter scenario is applicable and we ‘tie flies to save money’ – at least that’s what we tell ourselves.

But, the ‘trying it out’ phase can be daunting on where to start, particularly for beginners or the parent of kids who want to start tying flies - what to buy, should I take a class or not etc. etc. etc. I believe the camp is split right about 50/50 on buying a kit vs. buying individual materials, and there are pros and cons for both. Same goes for vise recommendation, tools and so on.
Luckily, Sara Golden over at Wading Lab has put together a little walk though that’s definitely worth a read.
While you’re over there, give Sara a follow and check out her Facebook page as well.


Sunday, January 24, 2016

Andean Trout

Over the holidays, I spent two weeks in Ecuador visiting family. Poor planning on my part resulted in my bringing no fishing gear. I considered it for a while, but decided with the remotness of the landscape and it being my first time there with my wife, that I wouldnt risk broaching the subject of fishing.
Fast forward to the second day in Ecuador - I was browsing Instagram (check out my page addictedtoviseflies) and saw a post by Javier Guevara of Ecuador Fly Fishing (Insta page  - ecuadorflyfishing). I'd been following this page for quite a while and decided to reach out to see what the possiblity was of getting a last minute day trip together! It was more of a speculative email than an expectant one, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quick response to the affirmative, that indeed, there was a guide in Quito who could take me fishing for a day. Bearing in mind that I'd no gear with me, this was no problem. So I got all the necessary details and shared my desires, booked the trip and waited 5 days with baited breath to fish for Andean Trout.

My guide, Daniel, picked my up promptly at 6am, for the couple hour drive deeper into the mountains to a remote village in the Cayambe-Coca Reserve. On the way we stopped for breakfast

This was the view from the road - Cayambe Volcano.