Friday, March 13, 2015

St Patrick Streamer

St. Patrick (Bergman) Size 1
Every year around this time I get a little patriotic and tie the St Patrick wet fly from Bergman's Trout. This year I went a step further and designed a streamer loosely based on the wet fly pattern.

I tried to retain the essence of the herl wing on the wet fly by mixing brown and green hackles. The hackles I custom dyed in Shamrock Green, avaialble from Prochem. The wet fly tail is also herl, which I retained. Gold body in respect of the green white and gold of the irish flag, and the white bucktail belly, the same idea, with a gold accent on the head. Church window feathers, an obvious nod to the Saint.

St Patrick Streamer designed and tied by Eunan Hendron
Hook- Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek Streamer Size 1 8xl
Tail - Peacock Herl
Body - Gold Tinsel
Belly - White Bucktail
Throat - Shamrock Green hackle fibers 
Wing - Shamrock Green under Brown Whiting American saddle hackles
Shoulder- Ringneck Pheasant Church Window feathers
Cheeks - Jungle Cock
Head - Black with a gold bar, finished with Laquer.




  1. Cool flies, Eunan, great ideas nicely executed!


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