Friday, December 12, 2014

In hand vs In the vise

I tried a little streamer experiment last night varying tying technique for the whole fly and one component of the fly.

In hand vs in the vise - which is which?

I'll admit now that I only tied one fly last night, the other had been sitting on my bench for quite a while, and in a desperate need for a fly tying fix, with limited time to do so, I knocked out a replica of the already tied fly.

The experiment came in the form of vise vs hand, and secondly in the technique used to secure the throat to the fly.

Carrie Stevens All Orange is exactly that, all orange, so it presented an interesting canvas with which to directly compare the two differently tied flies, pictured below.

One is tied in hand with the throat wrapped as a hackle and tied down, the other is tied in the vise, with the throat secured as bunches of fibers. The only other difference between the flies is the use of a different thickness tinsel as I was out of the regular size tinsel I normally use for tags and ribs on stevens streamers.

Can you discern which was tied in hand vs the vise, and which has the wound hackle throat vs the bunches of fibers....

It's fairly well known that Carrie Stevens tied her flies in hand and used the 'bunched hackle method for her throats, and many folks, rightly, try to emulate the exact methodology and techniques used by Carrie Stevens to replicate their patterns. 

For me this was an interesting direct comparison of modern tying versus time old methods. Truth is, there is no wrong way to tie a fly. I like to tie them as they were and as they are now, with all the acoutrements that are available to modern tyers. Some folks mix it up, using a vise along side the vintage techniques for securing body parts etc, hell, even I do that too....

The most important aspect of tying is that you get a rush out of it..that it brings joy and most of all that you learn something new virtually every time you sit at the vise.

Happy Holidays everyone


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  1. Excellent comments, Eunan, especially the last. Enjoyed the flies, too! As the saying goes, "You've come a long way, baby!"


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