Saturday, November 8, 2014

Marbury Bass Flies - wood duck wing edition!

Tomah Jo
Over the past few years I've found and bookmarked quite a number of different fly tying/fly fishing sites on the interwebs, and one that I consistently return to for inspiration is by Mike Boyer which can be found HERE

Purely as a pattern resource, this site is phenomenal. That, coupled with the exquisite tying by Mike and Lee Schechter, makes it a one stop shop, particularly for Marbuy patterns, as deciphering those from Favorite Flies and Their Histories is no easy task. If you get a chance or are looking for some inspirational flies, get on over and check out the site from the link above. You won't regret it.

So, on to the flies. I've always like the barred woodduck feather and whenever I see a pattern using that feather I'm immediately drawn to it. On the Marbury page on Mike's site I was able to find at least 5 patterns, a couple of which I've tied before. All use whole woodduck feathers in the wing, and with an embarassment of riches in the woodduck department, I figured I'd better use it up before it goes bad!!

The patterns are presented here in the order I tied them, and I must say I wish I'd made a better feather selection for those done after the Tomah Jo. The half stripped feathers just don't look right when set against the double sided pair on the Tomah Jo. Still. I'm happy with the overall experience of manipulating those pesky flat stems! If you've never tied a full feather wing fly with woodduck (or even Bali Duck, as on the Galloping Ghost Streamer), you'd better get some whiskey and a swear box sitting beside you, because it can be a frustrating process getting them to sit like they should, or at least, how you'd like them to sit on the final fly!

All flies are tied & photographed by Eunan Hendron on 2/0 vintage mustad 3366 hooks

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