Thursday, August 21, 2014

Eastern Sunset

This one started life as a variant of a fly tied by another classic fly tyer, ended up morphing to this, while trying to retain the qualities of that original fly.

Hope you like it. I've included a few photos of they tying process below too.

Pattern as follows:

Hook: Phillips Jones
Tag: Flat gold, oval gold and blue floss
Tail: Light Am-gold crest, veiled with IC sub
Butt: Black ostrich
Body: Rear half gold embossed tinsle, front half burnt orange floss
Rib: Oval Gold, with a furnace hackle over the floss only
Throat: Sky blue hackle and 2 turns of gallina
Underwing: tippets back to back, flanked by Tragopan flanked by jungle cock
Wing: Kori married to barred woodduck, with light Amgold topping over all.
Head black.

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