Wednesday, July 2, 2014

(The other) Dr. Burke and a Hummer...

Not the gargantuan SUV, but a streamer - Who Knew?? I tied the Hummer in hand as I've got a salmon fly in the vise which I'm having a difficult time finishing. However, it must be done this weekend so I'll post that next week.

Hummer Size 1 8xl - Tied in hand

I had aleady started to tie the Dr. Burke streamer when I posted the wet fly last week. Finally got it finished a couple days later, but only getting around to posting them now.
Dr. Burke streamer size 1 8xl and size 7 winged wet fly
Not really much tying the last while, a fly here and there - Hopefully I'll get back on the wagon again real soon....



  1. Thanks!! I'd never considered tying it before, but I had all the materials at hand so figured why not...


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