Monday, May 26, 2014

Kiss the Water

Many of you may  be familiar with, or perhaps have even seen this movie already, surprisingly, I hadn't, until this weekend, despite it having been 'on tour' over the last number of months. I was aware of the release however, but the tour stops were never close enough for me to warrant a trip to view it.

The movie of course tells the story of Megan Boyd, BEM, an eccentric 20th century salmon fly tyer who lived in the scottish highlands tying what have been described as some of the best fishing flies the world has seen. I have not seen in person any of Megan Boyd's flies, and likely never will, so on that assertion, I can't comment!

The movie paints a rather romantic picture of salmon fly tying, told by friends and acquaintances of Megan Boyd. It is artistically produced with a nice score and artwork thoughout portraying the complex nature of man vs fish, and the design of quite intricate 'lures' to get the king of the fishes to 'feed' when on a spawn run in fresh water.
Overall the movie is interesting, and as a salmon fly tyer I enjoyed it, despite the lack of imagery of both Megan Boyd and her flies. I believe all told, there was perhaps 1 minute of the entire movie (80 mins) that featured either Megan or her flies.
In salmon fly tying ciricles there have been musings that some of the facts protrayed by one or two of those featured in this movie are not actually true, and not having seen or heard any evidence to contradict those facts I'm left to take the movie as it is presented.
Regardless, there is no doubt Megan Boyd tied quality flies, which caught fish, as well as many fishermen, given the notoriety of her work throughout the world. 

Kiss The Water is now available to purchase and if you go to and use the code ANGLER, you can get 10% off the digital download of the movie. In addition, through the month of May you can also make a donation to Project Healing Waters who will receive 100% of all net profits collected from additional payments over the cost of the film

Kiss the Water is also available to view on Netflix.


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