Thursday, May 15, 2014

Floodtide 4/0

Floodtide 4/0 tied by Eunan Hendron
This is thet third time I've tied this particular pattern from Kelson (other version below), and I have to say this is the one I'm most happy with. 

As the name suggests, this should be a big fly for big dirty water, and I've tied it on a 4/0 Noble DS from Ronn Lucas. This particular hook, while 4/0, has a longer than normal shank, hence the choice, as I think longer shanked hooks give this fly a more sleek look.
The original pattern calls for eagle feather for the hackle, but alas, ownership of eagle feathers is strictly outlawed, unless you are a Native American, so I've used extra select turkey marabou, which is the commonly accepted sub.
You can just about see some red golden pheasant swords in the under wing, between the longest and middle jungle cock. Personally I dont like swords in this fly, as they are often much longer than required, particularly when tying smaller flies like this, and you really only get to use the very tips. Perhaps the next time I tie this pattern I'll use a red hackle feather with a better shape, or else tie the fly on a  much bigger hook. Though, then comes the problem of tying the main wing!!

Floodtide 4/0 tied by Eunan Hendron
This is the fly above, displayed in a little table top mount. This and other salmon flies can be purchased by visiting the STORE page at the the top menu bar.

Anyways, as promised here is the earlier version of the Floodtide I tied about a year and half ago - the newer one above is much more refined!!
Floodtide tied by Eunan Hendron

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