Sunday, March 9, 2014

Smith - George M. Kelson, The Salmon Fly

Smith (Kelson) 3/0 
Tied and photographed by Eunan Hendron

I haven't had a lot of time this past few weeks for much of anything. Other than tying at the Fly Fishing Show in Lancaster March 1 and 2, I didnt get thread on a hook until Friday night.

At the FFS, I tied a few winged wets and 4 Carrie Stevens streamers on 10XL hook. I've still not posted those up on the blog either, but they're coming.

Anyways, I"m now one week behind on the 52 salmon flies project, so hopefully I can get caught up this week and post two flies.

First one is Kelson's Smith. A fly not a lot of folks like, and I can understand why. I went into this one hoping I would like it, but at the end, while the fly looks good, I'm not too sure about the pattern.

As ever, there are some flaws, which I'll not point out. Somewhat of a variant,  as the underwing should be Golden Pheasant swords but I chose to sub with red hackles. They work ok, but I could probably have used two pairs rather than one pair

Hopefully another fly by the end of the week.


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