Saturday, February 15, 2014

Jungle Ghost Streamer - Tied in Hand

Jungle Ghost Size 1 8xl
Tied in hand and photographed by Eunan Hendron

This pattern is from Hilyard and Hilyard book on Carrie Stevens, designed by Leslie Hilyard.

I've tied it before, though both times I used a vise. This time, I wanted the challenge of wrapping multiple  body segments of floss, as well as the jungle cock veils.

I took some photos through the process too.

Hope you like it

Raw materials and the pattern

Tag wrapped and underbody marked for the body sections

First body section done

Two Body sections with veils

Three...notice how the rib is not yet wrapped.


5 body sections and veils done, now its time to wrap that rib

 Rib done and underwing on....

Wing mounted, just need to varnish the head


  1. Wonderful step by step. Having only tied with the aid of a vise, tying in-hand is something that is really intriguing. Such beautiful results.

    1. Its much easier than it looks, and believe it or not, smaller hooks are better than larger. I tied size 7 wet flies in hand and it was a breeze....give it a go!!


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