Monday, February 17, 2014

Jock Scott Snow Fly

Jock Scott Snow Fly (3/0ish XL) Tied and Photographed by Eunan Hendron

I first became aware of this fly after a picture of an original was posted on the Classic Fly Tying forum, and I immediately decided I wanted to tie it. As far as I'm aware the pattern isn't listed in any books, though it is basically a fly with the body of a Jock Scott, and a herl wing. Herl wings were used on big flies for high and off colored water, typical of snow runoff, hence the name snow fly. Believe it or not there are about 78 herls in the wing, almost a full peacock eye, and it still looks thin!!

There are a few other snow flies, which are more commonly seen, Beauly, Dodger, Spey and Dee. Of those 4 I've previously only tied the Dodger, and I'll likely add the others to my snow collection over the coming months.

Tied on a 3/0 dee hook and photographed by Eunan Hendron

Interestingly, the night I tied the JS snow fly, we had a snow storm in Philadelphia, so I took the opportunity to snap another couple of pictures.
With Flash

Without flash

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