Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Carrie Stevens White Ghost - Tied In Hand

Carrie Stevens' White Ghost Streamer size 1 8xl
Tied and Photographed by Eunan Hendron

This pattern is virtually identical to the Gray Ghost, except, obviously, the wing is white. The pattern in Hilyard lists a white hackle throat, yet the pattern for the gray ghost does not have this throat. It has been discovered lately by Don Bastian that the Gray Ghost should probably have a white hackle throat also.

The fly was tied entirely in hand, using only Pearsall's gossamer silk thread, scissors and wax.The wing was pre-formed, i.e. stuck together with adhesive, just as Carrie Stevens did. In the past I tied all my streamers with the wing components individually mounted, and I'm not sure how i feel about using adhesives to for the wing, but in the interests of tying an accurate fly, particularly in hand, I went the former route. One other thing I did on the White Ghost was to counter wrap the rib as I learned that Carrie Stevens tied her flies that way (at least that's what I've been told, but I'll have to do some more research)

It makes such a difference to have a silver pheasant skin from with to select the shoulder feathers....the strung stuff just doesnt measure up. For comparison, I've added a photo below of the Gray Ghost I tied in hand a couple weeks ago, and you can clearly see the difference in the shoulders. This Gray Ghost fly will get a new wing. The hackles on both flies are different shapes, just a consequence of the saddles (Whiting American) and my selection process to match the size of the shoulder with nice wing hackles

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