Monday, February 3, 2014

A Black Dog

There are at least 7 versions of the Black Dog salmon fly in the old texts, including Kelson, Hale, Land and Water ( these three are the same pattern), The Fishing Gazette,  Francis, Maxwell (both his titles) and Wade) as well as another version for which I don't have a reference.

The pattern I've tied comprises mostly the Kelson pattern with some elements of the Fishing Gazette (no body hackle).  Some of the patterns have magenta hackles and red or orange floss ribs, as well as different colors and feathers in the wings. It should be noted that the Henry Wade version, from his book, Halcyon, is totally different from and seems to predate all the others. This pattern has a very dark construction, with mohair body and a blue heron wing.

Here's the pattern, as I've tied it. The variant parts being no body hackle, and the use of Am-Gold crests for the tail and topping.

Hook: Allcocks Kirby Carlisle Size 2/0 long shank
Tip: Silver tinsel
Tag: Yellow floss
Tail: Amgold pheasant crest, veiled with red swan
Butt: Black Ostrich
Body: Black Floss
Ribs: Yellow floss with oval silver tinsel either side
Throat: Ringneck Pheasant Rump Dyed Black
Wing: Two red hackle, over which are two Jungle Cock, Bustard, Amherst Pheasant, Red and yellow turkey, unbarred summer duck sides, and a topping overall

Here is a picture of the hooks. As you can see they are heavily kirbed. I tried to work out most of the kirb on the fly before I tied it, but its pretty hard to get them perfect straight without detempering them.

Anyways, tha'ts this weeks offering in the 52 salmon flies department.

Thanks for checking in.


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