Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jock O'Dee

Not much to write about this one. The pattern is from Pryce-Tannatt, and clearly a nod to the venrable Jock Scott.

I tied this one in hand, and I wish I'd soaked the hackle before I tied it in as I couldn't get it to stay up tight against the ribs.

Anyways, short and sweet this week.

Jock O'Dee tied (in hand) and 
photographed by Eunan Hendron

 Side view

Three quarter view top

Monday, February 24, 2014

some you win, some you lose...

I tried to tie a Durham Ranger in hand. Right from the outset, I made a number of stylistic decisions about how I wanted the fly to look. I love a long and low DR, and previous iterations have been tied on longer shanked hooks, or hooks which appear to be narrow gap due to the length of the shank. There’s no doubt it makes it more difficult to get your tippets to the desired height, but I really don’t like the tippet winged flies where the tippets are >1.5x the hook gap (Lady Amherst excepted). Anyways, I decide to tie it on a Lucas made Noble P, #5.  I wanted an open back to the fly, hence the low open tail, and I had a nice topping to go along with it.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Jock Scott Snow Fly

Jock Scott Snow Fly (3/0ish XL) Tied and Photographed by Eunan Hendron

I first became aware of this fly after a picture of an original was posted on the Classic Fly Tying forum, and I immediately decided I wanted to tie it. As far as I'm aware the pattern isn't listed in any books, though it is basically a fly with the body of a Jock Scott, and a herl wing. Herl wings were used on big flies for high and off colored water, typical of snow runoff, hence the name snow fly. Believe it or not there are about 78 herls in the wing, almost a full peacock eye, and it still looks thin!!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Jungle Ghost Streamer - Tied in Hand

Jungle Ghost Size 1 8xl
Tied in hand and photographed by Eunan Hendron

This pattern is from Hilyard and Hilyard book on Carrie Stevens, designed by Leslie Hilyard.

I've tied it before, though both times I used a vise. This time, I wanted the challenge of wrapping multiple  body segments of floss, as well as the jungle cock veils.

I took some photos through the process too.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Carrie Stevens White Ghost - Tied In Hand

Carrie Stevens' White Ghost Streamer size 1 8xl
Tied and Photographed by Eunan Hendron

This pattern is virtually identical to the Gray Ghost, except, obviously, the wing is white. The pattern in Hilyard lists a white hackle throat, yet the pattern for the gray ghost does not have this throat. It has been discovered lately by Don Bastian that the Gray Ghost should probably have a white hackle throat also.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Lady Amherst

The Lady Amherst is a classic fly, though it is not Victorian in age, nor British in origin. It was actually conceived by G. Bonbright, and is thought to be of Canadian origin.

Anyways. Most often it is seen tied on the larger end of the salmon fly scale, 5/0-6/0 range, and in the past I've tied it thus (picture below)

However, it is also recommended by the originator that it can be tied in smaller sizes, but using Amherst tail slips for the wing rather than tippets.

Monday, February 3, 2014

A Black Dog

There are at least 7 versions of the Black Dog salmon fly in the old texts, including Kelson, Hale, Land and Water ( these three are the same pattern), The Fishing Gazette,  Francis, Maxwell (both his titles) and Wade) as well as another version for which I don't have a reference.