Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tying in hand - How it used to be done...

...and probably how it still should be done.

This was a great experience for me, though it was a long drawn out process. I made the fly up to the throat, then it took two weeks for me to get back to it. I think a bit more continuity on the next in hand fly will provide a better outcome.

Here is the complete photographic run through. Some of these images appeared in a previous post (Assassin).

I selected this fly as it seemed to be relatively simple, and it was up until the wing. I went with a mixed wing as it appeared to me it would be easier to mount, particularly with waxed thread. I've not tied many mixed wings, so I need to work on my mixed wing formulation and formation.
I took photos through the process of tying the fly. I think I used about 20 pieces of thread, maybe more, as I kept breaking them.
I wish I'd done a few things different; the rib twisted, wing is kinda sparse, head got out of hand, and I didn't bother to varnish it as I'll likely strip the fly to reuse this old hook.
Obviously, I used tons of wax, which didn't really pose any problems when handling materials.
Anyways. here are the photos, the finished article at the end. I think I'll be doing a few more in hand this year.
Pattern is from EJ Malone, Irish Trout and Salmon flies.
Raw materials
Posted Image
Gut Finished
Posted Image
Tip, Tag, Tail and veils
Posted Image
Body, Rib, just waiting for hackle.
Posted Image
Clearly I had a pretty good grip on the hook
Posted Image
Hackle and throat on. I ended up losing a lot of throat fibers from waxing thread, as they got caught in the wax.
Posted Image
Wing on, kinda sparse.... but ok I think.
Posted Image
Roof and cheeks
Posted Image
Topping. Probably could have selected smaller JC too.
Posted Image
I didnt varnish the head as i will probably strip the hook for reuse in future.
Posted Image
I hope you like it!


  1. Well done. That is no easy task.
    I tied a Stevens pattern with out a vise, and although I found it to be rewarding I don't think I'll do it again.

    1. Thank you.
      Interesting you should mention Carrie Stevens. I've got a gray ghost in process right now. Started the body and rib in hand last night. Hopefully I'll get it finished and posted next week sometime!


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