Monday, January 20, 2014

Red Rover - George M. Kelson (with SBS)

Not much in Kelson about this pattern other than whats detailed in the image below. At least my PDF search didnt throw up anything else.

The Red Rover is generally accepted as one of the easier flies to tie and is often recommended to beginners to classic salmon fly tying. It incorporates all the essential elements of the atlantic salmon fly without being too complicated in its construction. 
Thus, when some guys on recently commented on a forum I'm a member of that they'd like to have a go at tying an atlantic salmon fly, I got a materials list together for them and started on this fly.

What follows is the SBS I did. Please forgive any spelling mistakes within the pictures, as I didn't always proof read them as accurately as I should have.

This is week three of 52 salmon flies, and so far its been thoroughly enjoyable, if not strictly following the schedule I've mapped out on the tab above. Next week's fly, Rogan's Ballyshannon has already been started, lets see if I can get it finished by Saturday.

Thanks for checking in.


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