Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gray Ghost - tied in hand

So, after tying the Assassin in hand I got the idea to have a go at a Stevens steamer, since the lady herself tied in hand too. While this one is far from perfect (very small cheeks jumps to mind immediately) , once again I thoroughly enjoyed the process. So much so that I think I'll try some in hand tying at the fly fishing show Lancaster, March 1 

Anyways, here's the fly, along with some pictures of the tying process. The hook is an antique Allcock 2811, just like Carrie Stevens used herself.

Forgive the different lighting in the photos, I started the fly on Monday night and finished it this afternoon.

Head not vanished

Head with one coat of cellire

I wasn't happy with the wing and shoulders on this one, so i redid them with new Silver Pheasant feathers

Thanks for checking in



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    1. Thanks Alan. I need to order a new silver pheasant skin, once it arrives, I'm gonna do it again - probably just strip this hook. I'm really not happy with the cheeks, but those were the largest feathers I had....



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