Sunday, January 12, 2014

Assassin (Malone) 1/0 tied in hand

This was my first attempt at tying in hand, without a vise or bobbin to hold the hook and thread. Needless to say, wax is a necessity for this type of tying. I actually started this fly on Christmas day, and completed it up to the yellow throat hackle. Then with virtually no down time over the intervening period, it sat in the box until this week. I took photos though the process, and I'll make a separate post with them, but, for now, here are the starting materials before any thread was wrapped.

Blind eye hook, wax, gut, scissors and gossamer silk.
Clearly, I had a decent grip on the hook.

Back to the pattern. There are at least two different versions of the Assassin salmon fly, the other most notably from Jones' Guide to Norway by Frederic Tolfrey.

This is a pretty pattern, though I dont think I did it justice, so I'm going to tie it in the vise in the coming weeks.

Here the fly. Look for a post in the coming days of my 'in-hand' tying adventure, with more pics through the process.

Assassin (Malone) 1/0 tied in hand

Next week, Lady Caroline.


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