Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What is the goal? Some reflection for the 100th post on this blog.

I've found myself wondering lately what is the goal of my tying. Basically it boils down to two questions.

Am I trying to exactly replicate vintage flies, or am I trying to forge an identity for myself in the tying of classic flies? Or rather, the question is this - which of these two paths do I want to follow?

I'm certain I want to forge an identity - to see my flies lined up against other great tyers and be able to pick out my own among them as being distinct from the others. 

I guess lately I've fallen in to the trap of trying to replicate how and what I see others tie and it really wasn't working for me. That's part of the problem of seeing pictures of flies in books and online. Sure, they should have the same essential look, but with distinct nuances that distinguish them apart from that of another tyer. A certain, je ne c'est quoi? 

For trout flies and streamers I think I've identified that look, but with salmon flies, I was am still searching for the goal, never mind the outcome. But now I think I'm headed in the right direction at least. All the salmon fly tyers I've come across all have certain qualities about their flies that make them unmistakably the work of that tyer. Hopefully over the next year or 10 I'll be able to identify and incorporate that unmistakable 'Eunan's Fly' look to my own salmon flies, all the while avoiding the doldrums of boringly replicating the 'look' of others.

Enough reflections for now.

BTW. This was my 100th post on this blog in a little under two years on the scene. Not a bad clip of an average of about 1 post per week, enough to keep you interested, not enough to saturate the 'blogosphere'. Thanks to all who've been checking in to see my flies, whether you actively follow my ramblings or just hop in every now and again. I hope you've either been inspired to give it a go yourself, or at the very least enjoyed reading and seeing flies of yesteryear (as well as some more modern flies).

And so, on to the next one....which I believe will be to finish my Tippetiwitchet.


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