Friday, December 13, 2013

Upcoming projects for 2014

I've been thinking for the last while what I could do for 2014 to put some more regularity and focus in to the flies I tie, and I've decided to embark on two projects.

1 - Project Ghost - as you can probably imagine, this will involve tying all the Rangeley Style streamers with Ghost in the name - Gray Ghost, Black Ghost, Pink Ghost etc, originals as well as some of their variants, eg , Grizzly Gray Ghost, which is essentially a Gray Ghost except with a Grizzly wing. I think there are upwards of 40 "Ghost" variants out there.

2 - 52 Salmon Flies. This one will be a little harder, and probably a bit more expensive. Over the last two years I've probably only tied about 50-60 salmon flies, if that. But going through 2014, I want to tie one per week. Many will be new patterns to me that I've not tied before, and some will be redo's of flies I tied early in my tying career, but want to update to better hooks and more often than not, a better looking fly.
This project will start Wed Jan 1, and each subsequent Wednesday I'll post a new salmon fly.

I already posted the first Ghost fly a couple days ago, Paul Kukonen's Pink Ghost.

Here is another ghost for that project, the Herb Welch's Black Ghost.

Both are size 1 8xl hooks from Gaelic Supreme. Hopefully when I get them all done, I'll get a nice group shot of them all together in a mount!


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