Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Bali Trio - Part 1 - Galloping Ghost

The Baikal Teal, AKA Bali duck has some nice feathers on its back. These feathers are quite hard to come by, but I recently fell into some, and so, I present the first of three flies to use these exquisite feathers in the wing.
Baikal Teal

The Galloping Ghost -A Bert Quimby Pattern

The pattern (as I tied it) is as follows:
Hook: Streamer hook of choice, in this case, Size 1 8XL
Tag: Three turns of embossed silver tinsel
Tail: Two slips of red goose shoulder (original pattern calls for duck quill slips)
Body: Orange Floss
Rib: Embossed silver tinsel
Throat: Firely Orange Schlappen (Original pattern calls for Red orange hackle)
Wing: Two matched Bali duck feathers back to back (white side on top), tips aligned and slightly longer than the tail
Shoulders: Jungle cock 
Head: Black.

The two other patterns using Bali duck in the wing are Bali Duck Streamer and Jesse Wood. I'll be tying those over the weekend (I hope) and posting them sometime in the near future, with a photo of all three patterns together.


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