Monday, December 16, 2013

NFR - Photography - another Kickstarter deal to be had

If you're like me, you're not great a photography, the only camera you own is within the confines of your cellphone, yet, you photograph every fly you tie, and even some that you don't.
My current set up cost me about $40, including light and tent - and it does a poor job of adequately lighting the flies I want to photograph. Getting those pictures to look good is generally difficult, partly due to the camera, but also lighting. The photos are ok, but generally, for me, they look grainy and poorly lit, but I work with what I have. 

Problem solved. Sort of. The FOLDIO

Trolling Kickstarter again this weekend, I stumbled upon this little lightbox. Now, while there are other light boxes available on the market (and I have one), as well as all manner of lights to shine on them, this one is pretty neat in that incorporates a nice strip of LED's inside the box.

A number of backing options are available, and it seems like a nice deal on a well developed piece of equipment. For $34 you get a Foldio with a white background. I checked though the comments and it seems they developers may offer darker color backgrounds (blacks/grays) as an add-on. This deal has already well exceeded it funding goal, and is currently already in preproduction. With a delivery time of mid February, you can rest assured if you back this one, you'll be looking at better fly photography within a couple of months.

So take a look and get in on the action.


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