Monday, July 15, 2013

La Ecuadoriana - A full feather freestyle fly

Ever since I started tying salmon flies, my wife has always remarked on the color combinations of the wings/bodies etc within each pattern, observing that for the most part, many of the flies contain the colors Red, Yellow and Blue, or as she puts it, the colors of the Ecuadorian flag (she's Ecuadorian)

Shes mentioned a few times in the past that I should tie her a fly, and a little while ago, I did. She seemed not to like the previous effort, so back to the drawing board I went, and came up with this version.

La Ecuadoriana

The pattern is as follows:

Hook: Sunday Style Limerick size 7/0 (This is a reworked hook)
Tip : Gold Tinsel
Tag: Blue floss Ribbed with fine silver tinsel, three turns
Tail: Golden Pheasant crest veiled with Indian Crow (sub used here), butted with white ostrich herl
Body: three sections, first yellow floss, ribbed with med silver tinsel, three turns, veiled above and below with kingfisher and butted with white ostrich herl. Second section, red floss, ribbed as previous, except 4 turns, veiled above and below with yellow weaver, butted as previous. Third section, embossed silver tinsel.
Hackle: Red henny cock.
Wing: Scarlet Macaw coverts to fit the hook
Shoulder, smaller blue macaw feather, over which is a smaller again, yellow macaw feather
Cheeks: Indian crow sub
Topping over all. 
Head: Black

This was basically an exercise in color management, Red, Yellow and Blue. Luckily, the 'trifecta' of rare feathers (Indian Crow, Toucan and Chatterer) all are these colors, and all have reasonable subs available.

I've gotten a taste for the full feather wing flies now, and even though I've tied  a few ranger patterns in the past, as well as a Lady Amherst, the large macaw coverts are certainly starting to appeal to me in terms of tying. Coupled with the fact that I've got quite a few more of these 7/0 hooks, it seems like a Gitana, May Queen, Sir Moses and perhaps a couple of Blackers big gaudy Spring  flies are in my immediate tying future.

Here's another pick of La Ecuadoriana, mounted.

Hope you like it.


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