Monday, June 17, 2013

Patriot Series - Irish Style

Last year, about this time, I came across the previously posted Carrie Stevens Patriot Series, and got the notion to tie it with an Irish Twist.

It took me a year, but here it is. I modelled each fly on one of the Stevens' flies and gave them all new names. All are tied on Gaelic Supreme hooks, size 1 8xl.

Hope you folks like them. There are a few rough spots on each one, and I'm gonna retie them all for the wall in my tying room. This was a trial run to see how the looked! I'm pretty happy!

Hope you folks like them too. If anyone is interested in a set of four color themed flies similar to this, drop me a line. Obviously, three colors will work best. 

Eire (modelled on America)

Connemara (modelled on Casablanca)

Michael Collins (modelled on General MacArthur)

Saoirse (modelled on Victory)


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