Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

Delaware Trip - 05-06-12

Yesterday, almost a year after my first trip to the Upper Delaware, i made another trip.

Left philly about 7am for the three hour drive. Stopped by Delaware River Club to pick up some flies reminiscent of what had been hatching the previous days. I'd been emailing back and forth with Bart at the club all week to make sure conditions, particularly water flow, would be good for wading.

I fished the Upper Gamelands section and there was quite a few bodies around when i got there. Saw a fish landed about 11.20, and that was it for the day.

There were sporadic hatches, Hendricksons mostly, and some fish were evident in the areas i was fishing. There are some nice runs, riffles and pools in around that area, and with plenty of room to navigate in the relatively shallow water.

I swung and dead drifted classic wet flies for a good part of the day. Threw dries for about an hour total when i saw consistent activity of both the bugs and the fish, as well as run nymphs and the wets down the riffles and runs. Did have some fish show some interest, but no hookups or anything to set the heart racing.

The weather was pretty warm, I was in short sleeves and shorts in my waders, but the sun was BEAMING down all day, probably a contributing factor to the reduced activity

I fished non stop from 11-5ish, then closed up shop for the long ride home. Usually the evening rise is more intense when the sun goes down a bit, but i wanted to be home a reasonable hour, and since there was not much happening, i left.

It was my first day on the water this year, so i was happy, but a nice wild brownie would have made it all the better.

Looking forward to another trip in a few weeks, though this time i'll likely get a guided trip with my buddy to cover more water and potentially more buy hatches at different times in  different areas.

Skunks all 'round then!!

I took a couple pictures - nothing special, just the scenery!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blacker fly and another freestyle streamer

For anyone interested in classic salmon flies, I'm going to recommend a great book by Bob Frandsen, The Blacker Compendium, a great breakdown of the original and somewhat complex book by William Blacker - W. Blacker's Art of Angling, and Complete System of Fly Making, and Dying of Colours.