Friday, December 7, 2012

'Tis the season - Giveaway Alert!

Being the season of good will, there are many bloggers offering up some nice gear/gifts over the holiday period, myself included.

Mike at Dub The Thorax just today announced an upcoming giveaway, with more details to follow this weekend. Santa Mortenson of TFM fame is doing his second(?) annual 12 days of Christmas giveway commencing next Monday, which, buy the sounds of it is even bigger than last year. Make sure you check out these guys regularly over the next couple weeks for some awesome gifts!

For my own giveaway, I've decided on a Gray Ghost Streamer, size 1 8xl, mounted in a Rikermount for one lucky winner. You will receive a nice fly, not unlike this one!

How do I get in on this giveaway, I hear you say?!? Click this Email Link and press send! That's it! I'll reply with a number to be fed to the random number generator Jan 1. The winning number will be posted on this blog and I'll also email the winnner!

While you're clicking email links, why not click the one in the upper left and vote for me in TFM spotting for November!

Thanks and good luck!


  1. Just fixed the email code. If you were trying to send an email, go ahead now. It should work!

  2. Thanks contest is up on the site.


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