Monday, December 17, 2012

Some classic (old) books...

Over the last year, as I've gotten deeper and deeper in to tying classic flies, I’ve started to search out some of the books containing the patterns for the flies i tie. I've been quite lucky and managed to obtain a few this year, and not for a lot of money either, considering the age of the books.

A Handbook on Angling - Ephemera (1865)

Salmon Fishing  - JJ Hardy (1907) First Edition

A Book on Angling - Francis Francis (1920) First US Edition

Salmon and Seatrout - Sir Herbert Maxwell (c.1910) Second Edition

Trout - Ray Bergman (1952) Second Edition

I also picked up some other more modern books from the 50's 60's and 70's, by Joseph D. Bates, Hilyard, Klausmeyer, some of which are not in print anymore.  Before this year I had no fly tying books in my library, now I’ve about 30.
There's a few more I want to get including A.E. Knox - Autumns on the Spey, Pryce-Tannatt - How to Tie salmon flies, Tolfrey - Jones Guide to Norway and of course Kelson - The Salmon Fly. Some of these are readily available in the early editions for a couple hundred bucks, but Tolfrey first edition, is perhaps the most expensive of those i've listed, running at about $1-2000 for a good condition item. I found one that was professionally rebound and restored, a first edition for £5500!! I'll likely have to win the lottery to get that one! First edition Blacker's are also pretty rare, and sell in the £20,000 range

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