Sunday, December 2, 2012

Canvasing for Votes, and a giveaway!

I previously had these two events linked, but in the interest of fair competition I've split them up. If you already emailed me about the Gray Ghost, you're still included in the drawing.

For the month of November I'm a finalist in The Fiberglass Manifesto (TFM) spotting contest and I need your vote to win the month.

Theres two ways to vote

1. Click this Email Link All the required information for the vote is there.

2. If you prefer to enter it yourself, you will need to use this email address

Subject: November - Eunan Hendron

The Gray Ghost contest will be for a Gray Ghost fly tied by me in a Riker mount display
To enter the Gray Ghost competition, just send me an email to this Email Address
and I'll reply with a number for you. Please also share this post on facebook or your blog if you have one to help maximize exposure to the contest I'm running as well as for the voting for the TFM contest.

I'll announce the winner of the Gray Ghost on Jan 1 2013.

Get voting and get your entries in for the Gray Ghost contest too!

You 'DO NOT' have to vote for me in order to enter the Gray Ghost contest.

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