Tuesday, November 20, 2012

IFTS 2012

My first show. It was great!

Actually, I was a bit jaded after Saturday, and was thinking Saturday night I would have gone home had I not had a hotel booked and paid for. Man, I’m glad I didn’t go home though, as Sunday turned out to be a great day. Not that Saturday wasn’t great too, but I was tired and not feeling too good.

Saturday I got there right at the opening time, set and began with a nice easy wet fly. I tied about three or four wet flies on Saturday as well as a Marbury Holberton.

I didn’t tie many flies, and took even less pictures (zero), but I managed to get one from a guy another forum who posted it. I’m sure he won’t mind I down loaded it.

It’s not staged - thats actually how they watched me form the wing!

Most of the wet flies I gave away to folks who stopped by or a guy who was collecting a box for TU fund raising.

Sunday, I tied all day again, but had a little more time to get walking around and talking to some folks. Started off with a Gray Wolf Grizzly Gray Ghost, tied it up to the wing and then went for a walk about. Met some Classic Salmon fly tyers, Stack Scoville, Greg Heffner, Paul Little from England, Paul Harkin from Scotland who were tying Tippet Grubs from Pryce-Tannatt, so I took the challenge and tied one up too. 

All in all I had a great time. I bought some Paul Rossman books on artistic tying, picked up some hooks and materials from John McLain and Gaelic Supreme and got some free wiggle shanks from Martin Bawden at Flymen Fishing Co. I attended the banquet on Saturday evening too. It was fun, kinda the old guard of the years of the symposium, but nice to meet some folks, get dinner and get some freebies. They gave out materials packs from Waspi and Spirit River, and had raffles for Keough Half saddle (I won a grizzly) as well as Regal Vise, Custom rod from one of the vendors and a fly frame from Spirit River. I also got to meet Darren MacEachern from Streamers365, and to view a copy of the book that has just been published with flies 1-122. Two other editions to come out with the rest of the flies as well as a limited edition comprising all the patterns. If you haven't checked  it out yet I suggest you do. It's gonna be a great pattern reference for years to come!

Hopefully I’m going to be tying at the Fly Fishing Shows in Somerset, NJ and Lancaster, Pa in the spring, and I’ve already got another one day event in December for the Pa Fly Fishing ForumTying Jam. That one I’m really looking forward to since the guys from the forum that stopped by (pictured) as well as Mike from Dub The Thorax, seem really keen to learn some winged wet techniques.

I had a collector buy some of my streamers, including the Vintage Claret I designed with Coq de Leon hackles in the wing, and the Grizzly Gray Ghost I was tying when he stopped by. He told me that he has bought all the streamers I’ve had featured on Streamers365. Pretty nice compliment to my tying I think and to have him stop by and buy more of them too was very humbling! Folks also really seemed to like the flies I’d designed myself, the Claret Raider, Vintage Claret and The TFM collection flies.

I met Faruk Ekich, inventor of the Ekich Bobbin. He stopped by my table, and when I had some time I went by his too. That bobbin is amazing; if you're not familiar with it, check it out. They're a bit pricey, but I’m gonna get one, at least. From what I saw, they have constant tension and "do not" break your thread - even 18/0 - I saw it in action.

I was sat with two great young tyers either side of me too. They had lots of folks stop by their tables and it’s good to see young guys getting the opportunity to tie at show like that.

And that was my show. Had a great time, already looking forward to next year.


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