Monday, November 26, 2012

Albright 9' 5wt FOR SALE

I bought this rod based on this review where it's early version finished mid table among some heavy hitters.

Bought this summer 2011 and i've used it about 6 times.

The rod is a 9' 5 wt 5 piece.
Great pack rod or backup rod, comes with sock and tube

Retails for about $190 new with all the promotions albright frequently runs

Marketed as a med-fast rod, but i'd say its closer to med. Its remarkably well finished on a nice dark green blank, very light and responsive too.
With a glass build in the works i've no room in the stable for this little fella, which i'd normally keep except for the 'glass.
Very smooth action, i fished dry flies with it for the most part.

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