Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sparkle Ghost Bugger SBS

This is a combo of 2 or 3 flies rolled into one and should be good for a number of species.

Hook: Dai Riki 730 size 10
Head Gold bead to fit the hook 7/64" in this case
Underbody - 0.20" lead wire to the mid point of the shank
Tail: Artic fox underfur with some guard hairs
Body: Senyo's Ice Dub Orange
Rib: Fine Silver wire
Hackle: Whiting Girzzly from Bugger pack
Thread White Danville Flymaster 6/0

1. Start your hook in the vise with a gold bead to fit. 

2. Take 8-10 wraps of lead wire and push up snug behind the bead. Don't wrap further than half way down the hook shank 

3. Start your thread behind the lead wire and wind into position just above the barb of the hook. Tie in your length of silver wire for the rib and wrap thread up and over the lead wire helping to secure it, then back do to the tail tie in point.

4. Take a clump of white arctic fox fur, including the under fur and guard hairs and tie it in up to the lead wire. This creates a nice even underbody for winding the dubbing later.
If the tail appears to long (as in this case) either retie it shorter, or trim  the excess off when you are done. Ideally the tail should be about 1-1.5x the length of the shank

5. Select your grizzly hackle, pull back the fibers and measure that the longest are about 1.5x the hook gap

6. Prepare the hackle for tie in by stripping some fibers from the top size. This will help the hackle wind without trapping too many fibers the wrong direction

7. Tie in the hackle above the hook shank as pictured and trim off the excess. Doing this before the body is wound on makes for a neater and more secure tie in of the hackle 

8. Create a dubbing noodle (or loop). Use some wax if necessary to help the ice dub grip the thread.

9. Take one wind of dubbing in front of the hackle, then wind down the body and back up again to the head. The body should have some taper towards the head. 

10. Take the hackle in some hackle pliers and wind one or two wraps behind the bead, then palmer down the body to the tail. 5-6 wraps is fine. at the tail, take one complete wrap around the shank.
Then tightly wrap the wire twice around the hook at the tail to secure the hackle, snip the hackle off and palmer the wire up the body, weaving back and forth to reduce the number of trapped hackle fibers. Use the same amount of wraps of wire as you did for winding the hackle down the body.

11 Tie off the wire and secure it well in front of the hackle but behind the bead.
Whip finish and you're done. Add some head cement if you wish.

Simple tie, which I bet will work well with Peacock ice dub, olive tail and hackles too!

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