Friday, October 12, 2012

Jenny Lind - Dyed in the kitchen and survived!

So I've wanted to tie this fly for a LONG time, but the scarcity of purple quills kinda hindered my progress.
This past weekend  decided to give dyeing a go, and convince the wife  to let me do it in the kitchen, since there really was no other way to get it done.

I had some old white duck quills that I picked up at the craft store for a buck, so I got to dyeing.
I used jacquard acid dye, lilac color, with the very scientific measurement of two finger taps on the jar to get the dye into the melting pot.
Just water at a near boil, the dye and then the quills, once I saw they had taken the dye,  dropped in (again scientifically) a splash of vinegar and let them go for another few mins.

All told, the process took about 15 mins, including heating up the water and letting the quills dye up.

The result is this
Two nice lilac duck quills, ready for tying

And herrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee's Jenny (See what I did there??)

I think its safe to say I'll be doing some more dyeing soon!

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  1. Very nice dye job and as always very nice tying!


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