Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rods on Sale

Found a couple decent rod brands on sale The last few days
First is Cabela's CGR Fiberglass. These rods were marked down to $75 for the last couple weeks, and have just taken a further reduction to $69.88, which would indicate to me they are on permanent clearance.

They have great reviews, and I know Cameron over at The Fiberglass Manifesto has recommended them a number of times via his blog.

Anyways, here's the link. Free shipping to store if you have one near you, or you could just go pick one up there!

I'm thinking to pull the trigger on an 8wt - not sure though. I have a long (10'6 8wt) for salmon and steelies which only gets used a couple times a year. I've no need for a lighter rod as I've got a 7'6 3wt and  a 9' 5wt.
Ah, the dilemma.

Another rod on substantial clearance is the Redington Classic Trout (CT), with three different rod sizes on sale at Caddis Fly Shop for $100 with free shipping. Caddis Fly have most excellent customer service and a very fast turn around time. I've used them in the past mostly or fly tying materials and I've always been more than satisfied.
CT is at 40% off at Mad River Outfitters  though they have only 2-4 wts in stock, and Blue quill angler (5 wts and 6wt)

For more up market rods, they also have Sage Vantage on sale too, but the Vantage is somewhat cheaper at Blue Quill Angler, who also have free shipping. Blue Quill has the Sage Flight at significant reduction as well.

Finally, with the recent announcement by Orvis of the Helios 2, a couple places have they Helios on clearance including Blue Quill Angler 9' 4wt Tip Flex and 9' 6wt mid flex. TCO Fly Shop has a wider selection of Helios on sale, for 30% off the MSRP.

Happy shopping.


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