Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Atlantic Salmon Flies

My last post including salmon fly was a couple weeks ago, so I thought I'd update the progress on that front.

Since I posted the image of 'Kate', I've tied 7 more flies in the time between then and now. Might not seem like many, but these things take about 3-4 hours to tie, so I usually split them over 2 or 3 nights.

Anyways, I've added all the newer flies to the 'Salmon Flies' tab at the top of this page.

Here is the latest, a redo of the Tom Tickler pattern from Hardy, below it is the first one I tied back in June.

Definitely progressing in many aspects, and still lots of work to improve upon. Still, I'm happy with the progression.

I've got another fly started in the vise. It will be in a completely separate post in the coming days. The plan is to progress slowly through this new fly and leave no mistakes behind.  It will be a learning experience for me and hopefully provide some further insight into the making of a classic.


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