Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Polarized Sunglasses

It wasn't until I started wearing polarized sunnies that I realized I had been very much behind the 8 ball without them while fishing. While I've worn some cheapos from the tackle stores, frankly, they're crap.

As I'm also in to cycling and running, a couple years back I picked up some Oakley Jawbones for when I was on the bike, and the addition of VR28 polarized lenses to the Jawbones I bought really made me see (no pun intended) the difference in quality and clarity of vision between $15 and $150 sunglasses.

While I like the Jawbones, I was after something a little smaller in the frames. Last week I came across the Oakley Split Jacket on sale for less than regular price of a set of polarized Oakley lenses ($89.99), and I snapped them up immediately, as multipurpose fishing/cycling/running equipment.

While the lens color (polarized black iridium) is not IDEAL for fishing situations, I'm sure they'll work very well during bright summer days on the water. At worst I can buy another set of lenses in softer brown or amber tones for fishing and still have the dark vented polarized lenses for my other outdoor pursuits

What I love about the jawbones and split jacket is that removal and swapping/cleaning of lenses is fool proof, with 0% chance of breaking frames or lenses, as was the case when I used to change the lenses in my old, now retired, Flak Jackets.

Additionally, with the Split Jacket, you get an extra set of light colored lenses, which I've found to be very useful during darker days to increase contrast and visibility, and they are also great for snow storms, in protecting your eyes while allowing you to see.

So, for about $95 shipped you can have sunglasses for multiple situations. Not a bad deal in my book.


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