Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Red Spot Craw-Bits!

Yesterday, Michael Decoteau of Red Spot Fly posted some images of a new fly that has been slaying bass for him out in Ohio, and asked followers to suggest a name for them. Later he chose 4 entries and asked for votes on the winner - my Craw-bit suggestion came out on top, and for that I receive the prize of a handful of said flies. 

Red Spot Craw-bit's
Reproduced with permission from  Red Spot Fly

I first became aware of Red Spot Fly a few weeks ago via a forum I'm a member of, and I was excited to see some really great quality Rangeley Style Streamers. Michael ties a lot of great flies and you can check them out on the  RSF  Facebook page. I'm told there is a website in the works, but FB will get you all you need to know for now.
Thanks Michael for the flies, looking forward to throwing them at some Philly bass in the coming weeks!

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