Saturday, July 7, 2012

International Fly Tying Symposium Nov 17-18 2012

So, today in the mail I got a nice surprise (in addition to my Korinary streamer being featured on streamers365) - an invitation to IFTS for 2012. I'll admit I had hoped to be invited after submitting some flies I tied to the organizer, Chuck Furmisky, but I really thought it wouldn't be this year.
Here are the flies I submitted for my consideration as a tyer this year.

Blue Jay

 Grasshopper 2/0
Lady Killer

Silver Secretary 4/0 from Maxwell

I got the idea of wanting to tie at the show when I saw a lot of folks post about their invitations a little while back on a number of different forums.
I've been tying flies for over 20 years, but it's only since I started tying classic flies that my tying has improved. Previously I could tie flies to fool trout, but in the last 7 months I've been working on tying display quality flies in the form of  classic wet flies, streamers and atlantic salmon flies. The improvement I've seen in the quality of my other flies is phenomenal since I started really paying attention to the finer details, as well as learning many new techniques which are applicable to all flies.

I'm pretty stoked to be going to the show, for the first time ever, as a tyer. I hope anyone who attends the show this fall will stop by and say hi, ask questions and hopefully I'll be able to impart some of the knowledge I've gained over the last year or so.
I'll be tying most wet flies and streamers, and if I can get a bit better at the salmon flies, I'll tie one or two of those as well.



  1. Congrats. I've gone the past few years. Will be nice to put another face to the name of a blog friend.

  2. I'll be there tying as well and will say hello for always great stuff you are tying!...congrats on the invitation

  3. Thanks guys, its gonna be fun time. I'm planning to tie both days.


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