Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A few flies

I've been on an imposed exile from the vise the last two weeks, and technically I'm still on it due to some work being done at home. Unfortunately my tying station (in the basement) has been blocked in as the basement was designated storage area However, last night I fought my way though and salvaged some materials to tie at the kitchen table.

Edwin (An early american pattern) Size 2 - I know nothing more about it that that. I saw it on another forum and wanted to tie it. It wll be featured in an upcoming book about salmon flies (i know nothing of the book either except that it will be good judging from the patterns i've seen that will be featured in it). I deviated from the pattern slightly in that i used yellow goose shoulder in the wing instead of yellow macaw. The head is wool, though it might have been mohair on the one I saw. Size 2

Kingsmill - This is an Irish Pattern I found in "Irish Trout and Salmon Flies" by EJ Malone. It was originally conceived by T.C. Kingmill-Moore, another Irish tyer and published in his book "A Man May Fish". It can be tied small for trout or large for salmon, this is a size 2 salmon iron.

Faughan Purple - An irish salmon fly also from Malone, named after the River Faughan in my home country of Northern Ireland. Not the best rendition, and there is much I would like to redo on this one, but you get the general idea.


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