Monday, June 4, 2012

Wool, auctions, MOM Flies and an infected JC cape...

I'll start with the JC cape - opened the zip lock back last night to tie the Grasshopper below, and was greeted with a rather odd smell. Further inspection indicted that part of the cape had started to rot... which was weird because there has been no sign of bugs around my tying area at all.

I did buy some naturally moulted macaw feathers a while back on ebay, but those have not been used in conjunction with the JC as yet, and not even used in the same tying session.  Regardless, I stripped what looked like good feathers from the JC and sorted them by size, baggied them and nuked them three times each. Parrot feathers got the same treatment - and they'll both get another good nuking tonight. I'd estimate I lost about 25% of the nails, mostly the very small ones at the top, purely from being over cautious and not keeping too much.
I'm kinda pissed off, because of all the capes I have, obviously its the most expensive that gets infected.
Tonight will be spent thoroughly sorting though all my feathers to ensure no further incidence of rotting or foul smells greet me at the bench!!

Next is the auction - The May flies from Streamers 365 are now on ebay, with my Sidewinder included. The proceeds from the auctions goes to various charities, so get on over there and bid on some great flies. Here is the page with all the flies available this month, as well as some hooks. I have 3 more flies still to come up in this project so keep an eye out for them in the coming months!!

I have been on the look out for some wool, for wool bodies and heads etc on classic flies and I came across Renaissance Dying, a company in France that dye their product using natural dye extracts. They have a pretty comprehensive range of colors. I picked up a number based on some of the colors called for in classic salmon flies. The colors in the image below are as follows
Top Black
L-R Dark Red #1101; Blue #1106; Dark Rose #0209; Purple #0203; Scarlet #0207; Dark Green #1511   ; Yellow #1405; Olive #1409; Orange #1363

These are 25m skeins, and very reasonably priced at approx $1.52 per skein. The quality of this wool is light years above that of uni yarn, which I'd previously been using for wool bodies and heads. The actual wool is 100% lambs wool and the colors are very vibrant. Shipping from France is very reasonable too; the first order I made was for 6 skeins and shipping was only $3.22.
So, if you're in the market for great wool, this is the place to getit!!!

Finally a couple flies. I've not been tying as much lately (by not as much, I mean only a couple nights per week, instead of every night), and if I have been tying, the final products aren't always what I want them to be so the hooks end up getting stripped.
However two flies I'm pretty happy with are a couple MOM bass/lake flies, tied on classic Mustad 3366 hooks.
First is Grasshopper on 2/0 3366

Massasaga on Gold 3366 Lg ring eye 1/0 (not sure about the big eye, 
I might have to start chopping them off these hooks and tying
on gut eyes.

And that folks, is all from me for this time.
Thanks for checking in, and don't forget to get some bids in on the streamers 365 flies. Auctions end next Sunday evening (June 10)


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  1. To bad about the JC cape.
    I have been tying several of my streamers using yarn.


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