Monday, June 25, 2012

Trout Fin Streamer Series

I've been on a  streamer kick of late, and I finally picked up  a streamer book this weekend (Streamer Fly Tying and Fishing - Joseph D Bates, Jr.). When flipping through it I came across the Harlequin, which struck me, as there is also a wet fly called the harlequin (from Bergman), though they have little similarity in terms of color.

Anyways, further reading enlightened me to the fact that the harlequin streamer is actually a member of the trout fin series, described later in the book.

So, I got to tying them

Hooks are Allen S401 size 6 (6xl) the shortest hooks I had for streamers.
Bates describes the trout fins as being either red or orange in primary makeup, with the red more prominent in Canada for "red trout" - Brookies I'm sure with more enhanced color north of the border. The orange version, rather than badger tied down (as for the harlequin and Red Trout fin) has red throat.
He also mentions some variations on them, with JC cheek, (which are usually omitted), the option of a tag of gold tinsel, and also that gold tinsel can be subbed for the rib too. Finally there is another variant described where the tail is GP crest pointing up, yellow floss tag, butt of peacock herl and gallina throat, with everything else the same as the orange version. The Harlequin is white, blue and black wing, everything else as the trout fin.

I had a small riker so I put them in it when they were done. 
From the top , Red Trout Fin, Orange Trout Fin, Orange Variant, Harlequin

And some the trout fin wet flies I tied recently 


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