Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cobblers wax:Redux

Last weeks effort at making some cobblers wax was, at best, a shambles. 

After getting it solidified, I tried using it on the head of a salmon fly. It turned out to be more slippery than sticky. I suppose partly due to my 'scientific' method of 'eyeballing' the recipe.

So, I went ahead and bought a pound of pine rosin, and already having a lot of beeswax left from my previous effort, last night I gave it another go, this time with the silicone cup cake molds, which I also picked up yesterday

I used the Rosin:Wax:Oil ratio of 7:2:1. The oil was standard olive oil from the kitchen.

Here's how they turned out.
Hot, just poured wax
 Solid wax
 Easy out of the molds 
 4 cakes of wax

Luckily I had the other half there to keep me right, and prevent the whole counter being covered in dripping wax - she kindly laid down the foil for me.
Start to finish was about 1 hour. The rosin, wax and oil cooked in about 5 mins, the rest was cooling and solidifying.

I've yet to test it out, so I may yet tweak the ratio to get it stickier or softer, but I'll report on how it works later in the week.
When I'm happy with the consistency, you'll be able to find it in my web store.


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