Monday, May 21, 2012


Yesterday, my 'Sidewinder', was fly of the day on streamers365.

 I submitted 4 flies to this project hosted by Darren MacEachern. If you're not following it, I'd strongly suggest you get on over there and check it out. 1 streamer per day for a year....that's a lot of work, and there is a number of excellent tyers involved.

Each month the flies showcased are auctioned off for various charities, so if you think you'd like to support some great causes and buy some great flies, check out STEAMERS365

On the tying front, I've been continuing to improve my salmon flies (still a long ways to go), as well as tie up some other streamers.
Here's a couple of the latest flies I've been tying

Grey Ghost (#2 8xl)

Mixed wing Tom Tickler (Tolfrey) 2/0 - There is also a married wing version in JJ Hardy


Both together

These two guys look ok. The smaller 1.5 has better proportions, i.e. the wing fits the hook much better, though the head on the smaller is not as good as the 2/0. Generally I'm happy with the body etc, my next time tying this one will have much fuller and shapely wing.

The Smith (Kelson)

This one i'm tying for a swap on Washington Fly Fishing Forum. Its a small swap (5 tyers), so if you're interested in tying some classic salmon flies, get on over there and sign up. There's 3 spots left.
The fly above is my first time tying it, and there's lots to improve. I tied it on a spey hook, but I really think it will look much better on a classic blind eye hook like a 2/0 Harrison Bartleet blind eye.
Some observations
Topping it too long for the body and wing
Underwing is too long
Wing is too deep and high, a much lower profile will look much better
Hook isn't great.
Head is too far back from the eye
Body isn't well proportioned

All stuff to improve for the next few ties.

Thanks for checking in


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