Friday, April 27, 2012

Wet fly soft hackles - I'm set for life

Found a great deal last week on Whiting Hebert Minor Hen saddles, 60% off at caddisflyshop in Oregon.

At the time ordered there was 5 different options, pictured below is what I bought. The free shipping over $25 was a big incentive to buy the number I did.
There are currently only three colors left available. If you need soft hackles, get on over there and pick some up. They have some other deals on Whiting products, so snoop around and see what you can find.

Hook here is Size 10 3769 wet fly showing a large and small feather from pale watery dun saddle
 Pale Watery Dun
Med Grey Dun  - 2 patterns, banded and solid colors 
 Dark Grey Dun
Light Grey Dun 
2 Unique Variants - the badger type is way cool! 

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