Monday, April 2, 2012

Some recognition...

Couple interesting things happened this past week. I've been posting my flies on various forums for the viewing pleasure of the membership of those forums and also to increase exposure of classic wet flies, as well as my own skills - some shameless self-advertising!!! All the flies you see here are the same that are posted on the forums.

Last week I got a PM from Sandy Pittendrigh over at Montana River Boats, a pretty cool site for those into building their own drift boats. Part of the site keeps a photo journal of flies tied by many different tyers and Sandy asked for permission to include my flies on the site. So of course I said yes. I think I sent about 40 images which you can check out here, a pretty nice collection of all the photos I've posted at intervals on here.

Second good thing was my the inclusion of my flies in the Allen Fly Fishing Weekly email after I entered an image of them in the weekly photo contest. The flies were tied on Allen 3769 wet fly hooks (Sizes 10, 12 and 14), which are a great hook for fishing quality flies, and are very affordable. I tie all my fishing flies on Allen hooks. Here are the flies I submitted for the contest, which were sent to Maine for opening day.

Inclusion in the email netted me a store credit, which I'll invest in a new Allen T-shirt. Thanks guys.
If you haven't already checked out Allen Fly Fishing, I suggest you get on over there and see the great rods, reels and hooks they have to offer at very reasonable prices. I also have an Allen Xa 3wt rod, which has yet to be field tested - look for a review coming here soon.

Other than the fly order you see above, I've been thing some flies for other customers, as well as for some fly swaps over at NAFFF, the latest being a Married Wing Salmon Fly swap. This was a small fly swap with only 5 tyers, so I only had to tie 4 flies! I actually tied 6 - Thunder and Lightning - on Gaelic Supreme Harrison Bartleet 2/0 blind eye hooks! The flies are a relatively simple tie - for seasoned seasoned salmon fly tyers I suppose - but being a relative novice to this niche of fly tying, certain aspects of the flies presented problems which I admit to finding difficult to overcome. Still. Here are the four flies I submitted for the swap.

Over the winter I participated in quite a number of swaps, the flies for which are still trickling in. Once I get them all to hand I'll post some images of the flies I got back, as well as some info on the flies I entered for the various swaps. Its fair to say swaps are a great way to not only keep the vise ticking over during the winter, but also to get to some great flies back from other tyers around the country, often many flies which you'd never think to tie yourself.

Finally, I tried my hand at an established Rangeley Streamer pattern - the Black Ghost, a kind of follow on from the free style effort I posted a little while back
This one is tied on a size 4 Mustad 3665A hook.

Not a bad effort, though the head is a bit too long, something I'll definitely remedy on the next few off the vise.

Thanks all for checking in, and I hope you have a great fishing season now that the majority of waters are open for the year! Oh, I added a couple more flies to the Bergman Trout Plate 1 post.


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  1. I really like #3. The photo is great, side and back lighting really sets off the photo. ITs a long fly, the head is fine!

    Anything with junglecock looks good to me, having lived through the ban and hoarding the feathers!


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