Saturday, April 14, 2012

I don't think I'm gonna need many hooks for a while....

Since I started tying classic flies I've been on the look out for a streamer hook (as well as hooks for bass flies) with a profile I liked, and I finally found one recently - the Mustad Chestertown, in various iterations - Blind eye 3298, Straight eye 3300 and Down eye 3301

For anyone who's following the Streamers365 project, you'll have seen this hook on a fly featured earlier this year, the Angry Blue by Monte Smith. Its a great looking hook, with an offset point. I love the profile of the hook and was able to get a bunch of 3298 and 3300 recently. I'll be tying most of my show quality streamers on  these hooks, and hope to frame some for my wall along with the streamers I've purchased to support the Streamers365 project.

Here's a couple pics of the hooks - Chestertown's for streamers, the 3366's for bass flies. 1200 hooks in all! I guess I'd also like some down eye Chestertown's, the 3301 model, and maybe in the next while I'll pick some up.

 Also picked up some post WWII silk worm gut, which will be used to make eyes on the blind eye Chestertown 3298 as well as on blind eye salmon irons.

Finally, I tied a nice fly on one of the chestertowns which I posted here, a streamer commemorating the sinking of the Titanic 100 years ago today!

Thanks for checking in. You can look out for a small give away in the coming weeks. Probably along the lines of some mounted show quality classic wet flies. Kicking a few ideas around, nothing concrete yet, but it will likely involve generating an increase in readership, through sharing the blog and liking the FB page.

Watch this space....


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  1. Beautiful fly,, i just love the look of those hooks...


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