Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fly swaps and a deer hair brookie!

Over the winter I participated in  a great number of fly swaps on a couple different forums, as well as a one on one swap with Pat Cohen over there at Super Fly. Pat is the deer hair spinning master, and I contacted him about getting one of his Punk Flies in custom colors, orange, white and black, to resemble a brook trout fin (coincidentally, the same colors of the great Philadelphia Flyers). After a few back and forth emails we came up with a swap deal, where I'd send him a set of show quality Trout Fin wet flies, and he'd tie me up a Brook Trout spun from deer hair. This week we got the flies swapped and here's what he sent me! 

Pretty awesome to say the least. 

I can only image the skill required to get this together on a hook. Huge thanks to Pat for agreeing to the swap. I hope you like your trout fins! If you haven't already checked out Superfly, get on over there and see whats going on, and follow this great man's blog!

Some of the other swaps I participated in were multi-fly swaps, and resulted in me getting nearly a full box of flies back in return. I was in 12 swaps, everything from midges, dries, nymphs, winged wets, married wing salmon flies and great lakes steelhead flies. There are still a couple more to close in the coming weeks/months, a Carrie Stevens Rangeley Style streamer swap and a green drake swap. 

Thanks to everyone who participated in these swaps on NAFFF, Washington Fly Fishing Forum, Salmon Crazy and Maine Fly Fish.



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