Monday, March 19, 2012

A New Project

With all the wet flies I've been posting on various forums, the general consensus is that they look good. However, while this is generally the case,  I myself see some room for improvement in certain aspects of my tying.  I'm grateful to everyone who's either commented on the forums, or left comments here.

So, that said, I've decided I'm going to up my game a little and try to complete the flies on one of the image plates by Dr Burke from Ray Bergman's book Trout.
No small task, but I believe it will greatly aid in my development as a fly tyer, and provide me with something to hang on my wall for show!

I figure, since there are 10 plates, I may as well start with plate 1, 42 flies, as listed below.

Abbey    Academy    Adder    Adirondack    Admiral    Alder

Alexandra    Allerton    Apple Green    Artful Dodger     Arthur Hoyt    Babcock

Baldwin    Barrington    Beamer    Beamis Stream    Beatrice    Beauty

Bee     Beeman    Belgrade    Big Meadow    Bishop    Bisset

Black Dose    Black Gnat    Black Gnat Silver    Black June    Black Moose   
Black Palmer Red Tag

Black Prince    Black Quill    Blockhouse     Blue Blow    Blue Bottle    Blue Dun

Blue Jay    Blue Professor    Blue Quill    Bob Lawrence     Bogpond    Bostwick

I really have no idea how long it will take, and will be limited by both my free time and other fly orders I need to complete. Also, materials for some of the flies I know I do not have in stock, so I'll have to source those and order them up. I suppose about 6-8 weeks is a reasonable time frame to complete 42 show quality and mountable flies.  Then I'll have to figure out how to mount them, and what to mount them in. I guess a frame or shadow box of some sort would be ideal.  I'll post some updates here as I progress, however I think I'll reserve most of the images for when I finish the project.

Finally, this weekend was spent catching up on some fly orders, and when I had those done, I put to good use some mallard wing quills I picked up a couple weeks ago

Here is the result

Mershon White 

As always, thanks for checking in.


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