Thursday, March 15, 2012

Flies Flies Flies

Been a busy week at the vise. 
I got an order for a trout fin set which I finished up and will ship this weekend. They're in a Rikermount measuring about 3"x4". Pretty little set!

Also got some orders for fishing wet flies (sizes 12-16), so I'll be getting those done and out this weekend too.

On the classics front, I'm still getting some wets tied each night for myself, latest few are below.

Soo Nipi
 Irish Turkey
Jay Yellow
Blue Jay 
 St Patrick - Variant (top) Bergman (bottom)
 Lady Grey
 Lord Baltimore
 Parmachene Belle
Jock Scott (size 8) 

Thanks to the guys at GREAT FEATHERS for the Jay wings, a hot commodity stateside due to the migratory birds act protecting pretty much everything that flies. These are from Eurasian Blue Jay

I also had another crack at a classic salmon fly. A simpler Thunder and Lightning as I'm in a fly swap on NAFFF and this is the fly I chose to tie. A much better effort than the more complicated Jock Scott I posted a while back, and still lots to improve upon. But to make an omelette you have to break some eggs. Hopefully some time in the not too distant future I'll get really good at these bigger flies! For now, mediocre will have to do!

Finally, I purchased a great book on salmon flies - The Blacker Compendium by Bob Frandsen. 
I learned recently that Blacker was a fisherman who fished the rivers of Ireland and Scotland, with one of them being the River Bann, a river I fished as a boy when I lived in Northern Ireland. So I was automatically drawn to his flies. Tying them will be another on going project I will feature here from time to time.

Thanks for checking in.


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