Monday, February 27, 2012

Trout fin set and first Rangeley style streamer

This weekend was a pretty good one at the vise. A project that started a while back when I first came across this post by Don Bastian, was to tie all these flies and put them in a presentation box. Obviously, I'm nowhere near the standard of tying of Mr Bastian, but I think these flies came out pretty good for the most part. There are one or two I will retie, due to the wing setting and one with a poor body, prior to shipping them out. 

Here's the set

Another fly I managed to get done this weekend was my first Rangeley Style Streamer. This one is on an 8xl hook. The hook and wings were a gift from Gary Tanner at The Rivers Course, so here is the Tanner Special. Thanks Gary, I'm glad you like the fly!!

For a first effort at this type of fly, I really like it. I tried a couple techniques I got tips on from reading various blogs and forums, one being for the banded head. 
I've a couple more of this style fly in the works for fly swaps at the NAFFF - so watch this space.

Finally, I again tried my hand at the classic salmon fly. This one is only half done, but is going to be an Irish Thunder and Lightning. I'm just waiting on some blue jay wings to arrive in the mail from UK, and she'll be finished up pretty quick after that.

This week i'll be mostly tying flies for fun after a pretty hectic couple weeks tying orders for various sources as well as those you see above. Hopefully I can get the thunder and lightning done and dusted, as well as some more classic wets. Oh, and flies for other swaps, including OwlJones Foam Terrestrial Swap!

Thanks for looking

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